I am a certified personal trainer through the National Federation of Personal Trainers,  Nutrition Coach,  Spin and Yoga Instructor, as well as triathlon competitor.  I provide in-person training and nutrition coaching to the San Gabriel Valley, and online training and nutrition to anyone, anywhere!

My passion in both my writing and personal coaching is to bring together faith and fitness, by combining personalized programs for each unique person with the spiritual and emotional aspects of life. I do this find deeper motivation and to address the deep struggles that are often overlooked to obtain lasting success.

As a result of my own weight loss and fitness journey, and lessons I’ve learned along the way, I am passionate about empowering women in particular (but don’t discriminate!) with a renewed sense of strength and self-confidence by teaching accurate fitness and nutrition methods to reach their goals.

I started Renewal Fitness Coaching in early 2015, after sensing at the start of the year that it was a season of transition that would require strength and bring about renewal. The winds of change that I sensed required me to step into a new role as a coach to renew others physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


  1. You Are Unique: No two people are the same, so their fitness plan shouldn’t be either. No cookie cutter programs designed for the masses. Customized meal plans and workouts suit your preferences, lifestyle, body type, and long-term goals – both online and in-person.
    1. Holistic & Spiritual Solutions: Getting fit and feeling confident are not impossible goals – but it can feel that way. Your struggles and desires are valid, personal, and often deeper than you realize. Find holistic solutions and overcome barriers to finding your true strength.
    2. Accountability & Encouragement – You may know what to do, but need someone to keep you accountable to actually doing. We all need a little push sometimes – you don’t have to make this happen alone.
    3. Overcome Fear: Working out can be scary when you don’t know where to start. Clear explanations and simple plans take the fear and intimidation out of the gym so it can be fun!
    4. Truth & Clarity – Confused by information overload, fad diets and failed attempts? You should be – it’s not all meant for you, and some of it doesn’t work at all! I keep it simple and provide answers and safe methods to remove the mystery.
    5. It’s a Process – Fitness takes time, especially if you want long-term success. I use time-tested programs, adapting them over time from increase motivation, achieve goals, and maintain success.
  2. Renewal – Physical transformation requires the renewal of our minds and dealing with our true struggles. Renewal of our physical bodies also helps transform our minds and the way we view ourselves. And that’s what this is all about!
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