Beginner’s At-Home Workout Guide & Plans to Follow

bird dog exercise

You’ve decided it’s time to get healthy, start working out, lose some fat and tone your muscles. But where do you start? You decide to check online to find a video with a “CrossFitter” who lifts crazy amounts of weight, looking super strong, that you’re pretty sure those powerlifting moves would break your lower back! […]

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Essential Home Gym Equipment for the Best Indoor Workouts

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What do you do when you can’t get to the gym, can’t afford a membership, or are forced to figure out how to workout at home – such as in the immediate case of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis when you’re just allowed to briefly leave home?! In this article, I will give you 17 pieces of equipment I recommend for setting up your own home gym, in the following format.

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Trekking Poles Review – Why They Help and How to Use Them

trekking poles

Truth be told, I didn’t used to understand the use of trekking poles, unless it was someone older who needed the stability, or for the really hard core hikers going days at a time. I’m big on building strong legs and most of the time my husband and I prefer to run trails rather than walk. So I was skeptical of using poles since my legs, and hands when needed, seemed to work just fine. I never want to “cheat” a good, hard effort. However, I was wrong. Turns out, hiking poles, trekking poles, hiking sticks, walking poles are awesome whatever name they go by!

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Medicine Ball Workout for Abs, Arms & Legs

plank on medicine ball

What is a medicine ball, and what muscles does it work? A medicine ball is a  weighted ball, originally created for physical therapy and rehab purposes as well as for gaining strength. They are still used for those reasons, as well as for a variety of functional exercises to improve mobility, muscle tone, power, and agility. […]

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Get Ripped with Drop Sets: Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #24

How can you get ripped effectively and efficiently? Do drop sets. (Women, don’t worry, this won’t make you bulky or have muscles like a guy! This will help give you that “toned” look you want). “Running the rack”, or drop setting, is a weight lifting technique to build strength, muscle, and get a toned body! […]

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