Trekking Poles Review – Why They Help and How to Use Them

trekking poles

Truth be told, I didn’t used to understand the use of trekking poles, unless it was someone older who needed the stability, or for the really hard core hikers going days at a time. I’m big on building strong legs and most of the time my husband and I prefer to run trails rather than walk. So I was skeptical of using poles since my legs, and hands when needed, seemed to work just fine. I never want to “cheat” a good, hard effort. However, I was wrong. Turns out, hiking poles, trekking poles, hiking sticks, walking poles are awesome whatever name they go by!

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Medicine Ball Workout for Abs, Arms & Legs

plank on medicine ball

What is a medicine ball, and what muscles does it work? A medicine ball is a  weighted ball, originally created for physical therapy and rehab purposes as well as for gaining strength. They are still used for those reasons, as well as for a variety of functional exercises to improve mobility, muscle tone, power, and agility. […]

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Get Ripped with Drop Sets: Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #24

How can you get ripped effectively and efficiently? Do drop sets. (Women, don’t worry, this won’t make you bulky or have muscles like a guy! This will help give you that “toned” look you want). “Running the rack”, or drop setting, is a weight lifting technique to build strength, muscle, and get a toned body! […]

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