6 push up bar exercises with prosource push up bars

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By admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Dec 30, 2017

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  • Ansel

    Can a skinny person build muscle using push up bars and how many days a week should I train?

    • Yes, you can build strength and muscles doing these types of exercises. I would suggest using them 3 days per week, 3-4 sets of each exercise for about 10-15 reps, depending on how many you can complete with good form. You should also incorporate weights and other varieties of exercises, however, to build more muscle in your back, arms and chest to enhance muscle building.

  • Aren’t push-up bars too low for triceps exercise? I’m thinking of buying push-up bars because I’d like to strengthen my arms and triceps. I tried to exercise with two chairs, about 3 feet apart, but that’s very high and I can barely do 3-4 push-ups.

    • They are not ideal for triceps – chairs definitely work better. But it’s an added thing you can do after your chest workout as one other option. Ideally stick with a higher position so you can get a more full range of motion for triceps.

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