Feeling Like You’re “Not Enough”? This Can Fix it.

womans eye in mirror

We want to be good enough to succeed in a career and get affirmation on a job well done; good enough for that guy who just won’t give you his attention or approval; good enough for your family; good enough to live up to an amazing standard of beauty; to be strong enough, wise enough, creative enough, funny enough. ….The concept of receiving God’s love can often be mystical and hard to get from our brains to our hearts. Here are some tangible steps to take to help you on this journey, which have helped me overcome most of this issue in my life.

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Motivation for Weight Loss That Works

fitness motivation man woman pushup

Are you motivated? If so, by what? And is it enough to get you to your goal? Let’s dive into these questions in this blog, because your source of motivation – or lack thereof – is the difference between success and failure. Achieving weight loss success – or really any type of success – requires […]

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Mushroom Hot Cocoa and Coffee Mix Recipe

mushroom coffee

What is Mushroom Coffee and Hot Chocolate? It’s a delicious way to spice up your favorite hot beverage with a punch of superfoods with the potential to help improve endurance, immunity, sleep and stress levels. I know it sounds weird, but it tastes pretty much nothing like mushrooms. See, I’m all about multitasking and getting the […]

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Medicine Ball Workout for Abs, Arms & Legs

plank on medicine ball

What is a medicine ball, and what muscles does it work? A medicine ball is a  weighted ball, originally created for physical therapy and rehab purposes as well as for gaining strength. They are still used for those reasons, as well as for a variety of functional exercises to improve mobility, muscle tone, power, and agility. […]

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Low-Calorie Margarita Recipe

margarita on rocks with lime

.As I write this, it is National Margarita Day. It’s such a great drink, we had to dedicate an entire day to celebrating it! But wait, this is a fitness and health website, right? Yep, but if I’ve learned anything over the years of trying to help people lose weight, it’s that no one wants […]

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