Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #12: Turkish Get-Ups

new year's fitness tips 12

If you want one exercise that will work you whole body, challenge your balance, and improve mobility, then read the rest of this blog to find out what it is and how to do it. Fit Tip #12 – Do Turkish Get-Ups This ancient Turkish exercise was apparently used to prepare strong men competitors and […]

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Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #11: Walk More

new years resolutions fitness tips 11

Regardless of your fitness level, walking is one of the easiest thing you can do anywhere, anytime for better health. While it’s not exactly the best method of cardio exercise for improving your fitness level, walking has a myriad of wellness benefits to help you have an overall healthier year (and life!) I didn’t previously […]

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Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #10: Eat Fermented Foods

fitness tips for 2018 10

Want to improve your digestion, immune system, and gut health? Reduce bloating and feel better by eating more fermented foods this year! It’s one very simple change you can make to improve your health and fitness. Fit Tip #10: Eat Fermented Foods Sure, they don’t smell so great, and to the typical American palette, they […]

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Easy Fitness Tips to Get Healthy #7: Bosu Balance Training

new year's fitness tips #7

Want a fun way to mix-up your workout, improve coordination, and help with weight loss? Try the Bosu Balance Trainer!  That’s Fit Tip #7 for a healthier 2018: Try Bosu Training This has become one of my favorite way to workout myself and train my clients, mostly just because it’s fun. Something about a burpee with […]

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