Calorie-Torching Full-Body Beach or Park Workout

dumbbell lunges workout in a park

Need a simple workout without much equipment that you can do outdoors? Try this one that I recently did with my client using only a ProSource medicine ball and dumbbells. Even if you don’t have dumbbells, you can do those exercises just using body weight. This is great for the beach or a park. The […]

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Easy High-Protein, Low-Sugar French Toast Recipe


After a tough leg workout this morning, and realizing  I didn’t have many good carbohydrate sources for a post-workout meal, I randomly decided to make healthy French toast. Then I came to find that it just happened to be National French Toast Day!! I guess my spirit just knew 😉 Who doesn’t love the sweet treat for breakfast […]

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Fit Girls Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide for fitness girls

Halloween just ended…with many candy wrappers in its wake. Thanksgiving is around the corner with all of its turkey and gravy, cream-laden potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Within a month, you may have a little trouble buttoning your favorite skinny jeans. But Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. Not that […]

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All-Natural Tips to Fall Alseep Faster

tricks for better sleep

Sleep doesn’t always come easy, does it? Work and relationship stress, never-ending to-do lists, and pinging phones can make falling asleep difficult. But if you want a healthy, fit body and mind, quality sleep is crucial! Sleep is when your muscles recover from your workouts. Dreamland is when your brain finally gets to rest as […]

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Lose Weight with High Intensity Circuit Training

diannes challenge beach run with personal trainer

Dianne’s Challenge: Fit for Wedding continues. This was one of my favorite episodes. A really fun workout circuit at Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey. I love this gym and took Dianne here to have some fun hitting tires and using battle ropes and things we can’t do outside. Check it out and implement some […]

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How to Reduce Soreness After a Workout

woman-stretching after workout

Have you ever worked out your legs so hard that you could barely sit down to go to the bathroom without wanting to yell a curse word? Or worked out your upper body until holding your arms up long enough to wash your hair was nearly impossible? We’ve almost all been there, whether it was […]

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