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the oil experience


Want to not only learn about essential oils for natural health, but EXPERIENCE them as well?

Then The Oil Experience is definitely for you!

WHAT IT IS: This 60-min class will teach you what essential oils are, which oils are the most pure and potent, and how to use them in daily life to live healthier and better! PLUS, you’ll get 4 essential oil samples sent to your door so you can try them for yourself as you go through the class and experience what they can do for you. You’ll also get a 9-page eBook summarizing everything we go over so you’re not scrambling to take notes and you can reference it as needed.



  • Education on what essential oils are and how to use them to live healthier and feel better (physically, emotionally and mentally)
  • 4 samples of amazing essential oils and doTERRA oil blends
  • 9-page comprehensive e-book with more resources and links


After you register, you’ll receive an email asking which oils you’d like to sample. Samples, video link, and eBook will be sent out within 1 week of receipt of your form.

$10 per person




This series has ended, but you can still watch the FULL recaps on YouTube! Here is the link to the playlist of 4 classes: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsl8XGeJ1iX5YcTe3qnsGzxsnvNR4BLtw