fit tip #9 for 2018

Short on time but want a killer workout? This fitness tip will help you do just that!

Fit Tip #10: Do Upper/Lower Body Superset Workouts

Use supersets, or alternating upper & lower body circuits, when you exercise to keep your heart rate up for maximum calorie burn while still allowing you to lift heavy and build muscle. This style of working out will get your blood pumping throughout your body for a super tough workout! How it works it that you’ll do one exercise for your upper body, such as a push-up or chest press, followed immediately by a lower body exercise, such as squats.

This style of exercise will give your upper body rest while your lower body rests, and vice versa, so you don’t have to waste time sitting around for 1-minute rest periods! I know I personally get bored and want to make the most of my time, and this will do it. Your muscles still get there rest so you can perform optimally, but it will make your workouts go faster while still giving your all-out effort for results you’ll love!

Try this style of training to prevent boredom, boost your metabolism, and change your body in 2018.

This video will show you 3 supersets to try. You can perform them as individual supersets, completing one set before moving to the next (3 rounds of set 1, them move to 3 rounds of set 2, etc) ; or you can do one long circuit 2-3 times through (Set 1, set 2, set 3, then repeat 2 more times).

Upper Body Superset Workout

  • Set 1: Barbell Squats and Shoulder Presses
  • Set 2: Reverse Lunges and Back Rows
  • Set 3: Push-Ups and Sumo Squats with a kettlebell

Do 2-3 rounds of each set and you’ll be feeling it the next day – in a good way!

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