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Welcome to Renewal!

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Renewal Fitness Coaching provides online personal fitness, health, wellness and holistic nutrition coaching.

I build holistic fitness and nutrition plans based on your individual needs to make working with a professional trainer personal , effective and fun!


Personal Training and Fitness


Get results! Experience physical, mental, and spiritual renewal.

Holistic Nutrition

No two people are the same. Your goals are unique. Let’s create a holistic nutrition plan for YOU.

Skin Care and Wellness

Holistic health and well-being include the every day products we use like makeup, skin care, health products and cleaning products. Learn how the products we use affect our overall health and get clean, safer alternatives.


Full Body Pilates Toning Ball Workout (15 Exercises)

I have given you a variety of exercises that can be used for either a full workout or to pick and choose from to add into your normal routine. However you decide to use it, I designed it as a full body workout with four circuits of three to four exercises each. All of the circuits are designed to hit the upper and lower body and core.

Natural Deodorant that Works?!

Is there a natural deodorant that works? Is it really better than deodorant with aluminum? Why does it seem to cause more odor? Is a clean deodorant worth the money?      

If you’re on a mission to use “cleaner”, safer products in your home and on your body, then these are questions that probably come to mind when considering deodorant.

6 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Routine

Like the “Freshmen 15”, 2020 brought us the “COVID 19” – an extra 19 pounds that crept up on us! Once the reality hit that your body has changed, you told yourself that 2021 is the year you’ll recreate yourself, shed the pounds, and sculpt your muscles. Yet life keeps getting in the way and the scale hasn’t moved despite your intentions for a healthier you in 2021.