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Halloween just ended…with many candy wrappers in its wake. Thanksgiving is around the corner with all of its turkey and gravy, cream-laden potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Within a month, you may have a little trouble buttoning your favorite skinny jeans.

But Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. Not that I love Black Friday and the crazy consumerism…but it IS a good chance to score some sweet deals on fitness equipment to reverse the holiday poundage and find some cute clothes to get you motivated to hit the gym.

Whether you’re looking for some good gear for yourself, or need gift ideas for your fit friends and family, here are some of my fit-girl-favorites to check out this holiday season!

  1. ProSource Printed Yoga Mats

The stretching and flexibility benefits of yoga are almost unparalleled. But for someone like me who loves heavy weights and does burpees on purpose, slow yoga routines can be hard to convince myself to do. However, these printed mats are super cute and somehow make yoga more fun and exciting. I personally love this Mandala mat pictured below if you’re like me and find plain colors boring. Something about a pretty design just makes 5 sun salutations in a row more fun. These are only about $22! But you can use code Holly10 at checkout for 10% off at! updog on mandala mat

2. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I’m a big fan of Polar watches and fitness trackers. These are a must-have if you’re really into fitness and tracking your progress, training for an event or want to lose weight. I have the old Polar FT7 version, which I love because you don’t have to worry about technology failing you and the strap makes it tad more accurate. I also have the new A360 fitness tracker, which is really nice because it’s waterproof, syncs to your computer and app to record all of your training sessions, and it counts your steps, which the old one does not. I use both still, just depends on my goal for the day. Sometimes I wear one on each wrist, haha! You can get these on Amazon (see links above) from $60-160, depending on the style. Polar a370 heart rate monitor and fitness tracker

3.  Loop Resistance Bands

I use these ALL the time with clients and myself. Most women have weak glutes, and these are a cheap, easy, and super effective way to strengthen and tone the backside. Not only good for your physical appearance and nicer fitting jeans, but strong glutes can help reduce knee pain. Put them around your ankles or lower thighs for squats, side steps, glute kickbacks, bridges, jump squats, clam shells, and more. This mini band set makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for any woman working on her fitness. It’s also great for older women who don’t have strength for machines and heavy weights. Just $9.99 for this set – which is an awesome deal for really good quality. Again, use code Holly10 for a discount at loop bands setmini loop bands set

4. Vooray Gym Bags

I found this gem at the IHRSA trade show and am loving it! The designs are super cute – both floral and more simple, sporty looks – but the function is even better. They have a separate shoe holder at the bottom with an air hole to keep stink away, a fur-lined outer pocket for cell phones, and tons of little pockets inside to store earphones, deodorant, wipes, etc. Plus, lots of room for things like towels, bands, wrist wraps, etc. While I carry LOTS of tools in my bag, I also hate huge duffle bags and wanted something that’s not too cumbersome. The size of these Vooray Gym Bags is perfect for me, and the quality is great! Check them out for yourself or a friend for a thoughtful yet practical gift. You can find these around $45. vooray gym bag rose-navy

5. Nike Legend Capris

These Nike training capris have been my favorite workout pants for a few years now. The dri-fit material feels awesome and keeps you from being a sweaty mess during exercise. The thick material lasts for years, and they’re just super comfortable and flattering without being overly tight. These are my go-to’s when I don’t feel like squeezing into some of my other tighter workout leggings. nike training capri legend 2.0 pants

6. Exercise Balance Pad

No, it’s not quite as sexy or popular as a yoga mat, but this balance pad is super versatile. To be honest, I mostly use it as a seat cushion when I’m sitting on my floor or my not-so-supportive couch. The firm but slightly soft pad is great for the lower back. When you’re ready to workout, standing on this and doing any exercise makes it far more challenging and will strengthen your core at the same time. Just try single leg deadlifts and you’ll see what I mean – crazy hard! Add this to your routine to make the most routine of exercises become much harder and keep your body challenged. It’s also good for lunges, squats, single leg balances, and planks. You can also take it to any sports game or concert where you’d be sitting on bleachers or concrete for a much more comfortable experience! These cost $19.99 (Again, use code Holly15 for a 15% discount) prosource-exercise-balance-pad

7. D’s Naturals No Cow Bars & Fluff Butters

These make a great stocking stuff or a small gift with a card if you’re on a budget. I love these high protein bars because they’re vegan, sweetened without chemicals or sugar, have lots of fiber, and have a super soft texture. My favorite are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Lemon Meringue Pie. The fluff butters are also AMAZING! These almond butters have 11 grams of protein are are also vegan and gluten free, with a touch of sweetness. My favorite is the Vanilla Maple Frosting.

d's_vanilla maple fluffbutterd's naturals_no cow_bar_vegan_protein

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