new year's FIT TIPS #7

Feel better, improve your posture and reduce back, shoulder and neck pain with this one simple fit tip for 2018!

Fit Tip #6 for 2018: Stretch Your Back

We are almost all hunched over from sitting at computers, in cars, and on the couch for most of our day. This leads to bad posture which leads to back, shoulder, and neck pain, and even headaches. If you’re like most people, you probably experience some level of one of these, as well as low back pain. However, taking some time to stretch out your chest and get your back into an arched positions (as it should be naturally) on a regular basis can help you feel so much better!  Ideally, do this to start and end your day, and also every few hours at the office or wherever you work if you can.

Two of my favorite ways to do this are with a 36″ long foam roller,  and an abdominal mat under the lower back.

Foam Roller Stretch – On a foam roller, lie down on the roller so your spine is aligned and feet on the floor to support you. Your neck and head should also be supported on the roller. Stretch your arms out to the side to also get the chest and shoulders stretched for about 1 minute, even more if you have the time.foam rollers

Ab Mat Stretch – Place the higher end of the mat right at the base of your lower back and lie back across it with arms back behind you or out to your sides. You can extend your legs or put feet together in a butterfly position for a hip and adductor stretch. Hold for about a minute, or more if you have time.

(see video below for how to do these stretches)

These are both great ways to restore your posture and reduce pain through your back and neck. Just be sure to do this regularly for prolonged effects.

You can get the ab mat or foam roller from the video for 10% off at with code Holly10!

Hope this helps you feel better this year. Leave comments below and let me know what you think of these stretches. If you need more help getting healthy and in shape, contact me: [email protected]

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