Weight lifting is a KEY component of a healthier life, body, and mind!

If you’re not already doing it – start! Even if you can’t do weights due to physical restrictions, you can use bands or some form of resistance.

But today’s fit tip is not to tell you to lift weights.

Fit Tip #3 is Change How You Lift!

If you do lift weights, re-think how you lift. Women tend to lift too light because they don’t want to get bulky. But heavy weight is what causes your muscles to grow! And believe me, it’s hard for women to get big muscles, even with heavy weights! 5-pounders just won’t do forever. Start there, but continue to progress to heavier weights. I was just doing 30-pound dumbbell shoulder presses the other day. And yet, even when I warm up with 7.5’s, my arms feel tired! It’d be easy to stop there, but I’ve realized if I just try, I’ll find I’m capable of so much more. And nothing has changed my body like heavy weight lifting has!girl doing shoulder press with dumbbells

On the opposite end of the spectrum, men tend to lift too heavy to show off and feel manly, but forget that sometimes it’s good to back off and go light. This can apply to women, too (preaching to the choir, now!) Low weight helps you to focus on form and make sure you’re using the right muscles. You can also ad other elements like balancing on a core balance disc or balance pad in to make it even harder on your whole body and keep things interesting. This will engage the nervous system and make the exercise taxing in a new way. Spend a few weeks doing this with high reps and a slow tempo to focus on using only the targeted muscle, then move back to heavier weights.

So, lift heavier or lift lighter, but try changing how you lift – even if just for a few weeks! Your body will thank you.

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