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No time for lengthy workouts? If you only have a few minutes here and there to squeeze in exercise, then try this…

Fit Tip #18: Do 3-Minute Commercial Break Workouts!

It’s not always easy to get to the gym and spend an hour working out. Work, kids, errands and motivation can all make it challenging. That’s why I like to keep some workout equipment at home, and plenty of exercise ideas in my head so that when there are a few spare minutes, I’m able to fit in a workout. Even 20 minutes before I get ready for work in the morning can make a big difference, especially if I keep the intensity high.

When you are watching TV, or just have a few minutes after work or between chores, fit in 3-5 minutes of activity to keep you moving and burn a few calories. Use those commercial breaks as a cue to remind you to fit in some exercise. Knowing that you only have a few minutes will also make it feel like a goal you can achieve and less overwhelming.

Here are some simple 3-minute workout ideas:


  • 1 minute squats, 1-minute plank, 1-minute of push-ups
  • 1 minute kettlebell sumo squats, 1 minute resistance band shoulder press, 1 minute kettlebell swings
  • 20 push-ups, 40 ab mat butterfly crunches (or standard crunches), 20 tricep dips (on a chair or edge of couch)
  • Resistance Bands: 30 seconds chest press (anchored in door), 30 seconds back row (anchored in door), 30 seconds bicep curls, 30 seconds tricep extensions (anchored in door)
  • 30 seconds plank, 30 seconds body weight squats, 30 seconds donkey kick, 30 seconds reverse lunges


  • 1 minute kettlebell swings, 30 seconds mountain climbers, 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 1 minute skaters, 1 minute jump squats, 1 minute air punches
  • 30 seconds jumping lunges, 1 minute burpees, 30 seconds toe taps (on a bench, box, step, or stack of pillows)
  • 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute plyo push ups, 1 minute jump ropeskaters in living room

Home Gym & Workout Equipment

Also, keep equipment around for when you have 20-30 minutes before or after work. Some great options, and some of my favorites are:

This video below shares more tips and shows equipment I keep around.  You can get all of the workout equipment in the video (or above) for 10% off with code HOLLY10 from

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