Do you want to eat healthier but feel a sense of overwhelm? Like you’re going to have to create an entirely new grocery list and find new recipes and stop eating all the foods you love? Then I have good news for you! These simple foods swaps for weight loss and health will make the transition to healthier eating and living much easier, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or require a massive life change. My hope is that these little tweaks will show you that you can still eat similarly to what you already enjoy with just a few adjustments.

You can start small and swap a few things at a time. Once that becomes natural, then try swapping out a few more, until you’re eating healthy 80-90% of the time. This shouldn’t be about feeling deprived, but simply swapping so that you still enjoy eating!

Note that below I’ve included a video of a Facebook Live Event on this topic, so if you want to hear more in depth info as well as more details on this list and making these swaps….check it out!

Why does eating healthy matter?

I think we’ve all heard and know that “healthy eating” is important – but why? Do we really understand all the aspects of our bodies and lives that our food affects? Here are some of the many reasons why making clean swaps from unnatural, man-made foods to healthier God-made foods matters. Keeping these in mind will likely make the decisions easier to make when temptation strikes and help you eat healthy long-term. This type of motivation is so much better than just a smaller pants size or looking good. Especially once you find that you feel SO much better and LOOK so much better!

food swaps for weight loss
  1. Easier weight loss: your body isn’t designed to process man-made foods. It’s designed to work with fruit, vegetables, organic meat/fish, whole grains. When you feed it natural, organic, healthy foods, it can easily digest it and use it for energy, cell repair, muscle growth, brain health, etc. Unnatural foods such as cookies, cereal, chips, fast food, candy, white bread, frozen dinners, sodas, many restaurant foods, etc are hard for your body to process. Many of then contain chemicals, colors and additives that harm your cells and create confusion in your body. They’re harder to digest, store, and use and the body often fights against them, requiring more energy and creating health issues. It can be taxing on your body to take in these types of food on a regular basis. When you eat healthy, your body has an easier time maintaining and losing weight. When you eat junk, it stores fat far more easily.
  2. Less Sickness & Disease: Due to the explanation above, your body also stays healthier when you’re eating God-made, natural foods. These foods are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, healthy carb sources for energy, fats for cells, etc. However, when you eat nutrient-void foods, your body can’t take much from them. It might use the carbs for energy, but they can often create more insulin release and eventually insulin resistance (which leads to diabetes), and you’re not getting and the good stuff to keep you healthy and strong. Your body can’t repair as easily nor fight sickness as easily. These foods will make you more prone to common things like the cold and flu, but also contribute to much more serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases, etc. Sadly, most of these diseases are largely preventable, and often partially caused by excess fat we carry.
  3. More Energy, Less Stress, Balanced Hormones: Natural foods helps to keep your body in balance and give you naturally higher energy, less stress, and balanced hormones so that day to day life feels better and easier! This also usually means better sleep, better sex, and less physical pain and even less emotional pain!
  4. Clearer Skin, Clearer Thinking: Unnatural foods can contribute to brain fog, exhaustion, acne, eczema, rosacea, allergies, lack of focus and lack of creativity. Get those healthier foods in to promote a sharper brain and more glowing skin! Natural, whole foods are a much better solution that the expensive creams, pills, and supplements.

With all of that being said, here’s you list of simple food swaps for weight loss and health that you can start making today!

Simple Food Swaps for Weight Loss and Health

White riceBrown rice or quinoa, barley
White breadSprouted bread (like Ezekiel)
White tortillasWhole grain, almond, or spinach tortillas
White pastaRice or lentil pasta, cauliflower pasta
Restaurant tacos/burritosHomemade with ground turkey and veggies
Refried beansBlack beans
Chinese foodHomemade stir fry
Hot dogs/sausagesChicken sausage or veggie sausage
PizzaCauliflower pizza, whole grain crust, or pita pizza
Restaurant burgerHomemade turkey or grass-fed organic burger lettuce wrap
Fried chickenGrilled chicken (can coat with almond flour/coconut)
FriesHomemade sweet potato fries
MayonnaiseMustard, Avocado, hummus
Vegetable oilOlive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil
Processed nut butterAll-natural nut butter
SugarStevia, monkfruit, honey, cinnamon
Regular coffeeDecaf coffee
Sugary coffee sweetenersHeavy cream
Black teaGreen tea or herbal tea
SodaSparkling water, Zevia
Bagel & cream cheeseWhole grain avocado toast
Cheddar cheeseGoat cheese, raw cheese
Cheese dipCashew cheese dip
Romaine lettuceSpinach, kale, arugula
Canned veggiesFresh/frozen veggies
Sour CreamGreek Yogurt
Chips/afternoon snacksNuts
Microwave popcornSkinny Pop or other non-GMO popcorn
Candy barDark chocolate
PieWarmed berries with drizzle or chocolate or whipped heavy cream, cinnamon apples
Ice creamBanana “nice” cream
Store bought browniesHomemade paleo or keto brownies

Below is the video teaching on this topic with more detail on why these food swaps matter for your health and weight loss, as well as some other helpful suggestions and tips.

Do you have other favorite healthy food swaps? Share them in the comments to help others get ideas to make healthy food taste amazing!

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