feel empowered and motivated

Do you want to get into shape but feel hindered by lack of motivation?

Do you want to feel motivated and empowered in life in general but aren’t sure how?

I understand, because I used to struggle to get myself moving and consistently force myself into what seemed to be a form of torture (aka exercise). A nagging sense of “not good enough” motivated me from time to time to get moving so I could feel better about my physical body and self. Yes, an unhealthy insecurity was the best motivation I could find. If you also feel this way, know that it is very common, but it is NOT a good way to get or stay motivated. All this does is cause you to focus on what you don’t like about your body instead of celebrating all that it can do for you. Let’s find a better way….

Move First, Then Get Motivated

Fueled from a place of insecurity, I started to gain a healthier sense of motivation when I realized that I always felt better after a workout. Once I got into the swing of things, a regular routine, the motivation came. I noticed that I felt better, it started my day off well, increased my energy and made me feel more confident and secure. It wasn’t motivation that came first. It was action, and that action led to motivation. If you keep waiting for motivation to come, you probably won’t ever make much progress.

To this day, feeling good and taking care of my health are what motivate me the most. That’s a motivation that comes easily. Not trying to improve something that I see as “not good enough”.

Working Out Helps You Feel Motivated and Empowered

This doesn’t just apply to working out, however. Lack of motivation applies to starting a healthy diet, looking for a new job, improving your social life, prayer and meditation, time with God work. You can’t always wait for motivation to kick you in the pants. Sometimes you just have to do the dang thing, and only then do you start to feel motivated. Whatever your goal is – be it physical or emotional – if you sit around waiting to feel inspired, you’ll probably stay stagnant, always waiting around. If you want to feel empowered, like you’re making progress in life, you won’t find it by continuing to doing nothing or living in fear of taking that step. Your workouts won’t happen, your weight will go up, you won’t expand your social circle or grow your friendships, and/or the peace that comes from prayer or time with God will elude you.

I rarely lack motivation to workout these days because I learned discipline. I learned to say yes when I wanted to say no. I learned to just do it instead of complaining about it. I also gave myself permission to say “no” on days when I could truly tell my body needed the rest.

Discipline became easy because I got accustomed to the energizing, fun, and empowering feeling that came from going to the gym. It became for me a necessary and routine part of my day. It stopped feeling like discipline and felt more like a gift to myself. Now, on the days when I don’t want to exercise, I “pull on” that discipline I learned.

Even better, my consistency led to a greater sense of strength, control, and power. When I consistently workout, I feel a sense of progress in my life, a sense of control and achievement. Do we truly have full control? No, but when the world around us is CRAZY, feeling empowered and that we’re making progress can be a much needed feeling!

When I’m able to lift a heavier weight or run a faster mile or push higher watts on my bike, I feel like I’m moving forward, which helps life feel more under control and what we are doing matters to some degree. The same will happen for you.

It’s not any different with my spiritual life. I know how good 10 minutes of prayer and 20 minutes of Bible reading can make me feel. It also enables me to feel connected to something bigger and more important, strong, and even fearless. Yet, just like exercise, I HAVE to make it a routine for it to happen because motivation is a fickle friend.

feel motivated and empowered

Getting in Shape Can Change Your Life

Let’s be honest, at face value, lifting and pushing heavy things, or moving on a machine that never takes you anywhere seem pretty ridiculous. What value does lifting a heavy weight really have in life? More than meets the eye!

Deeper than the seemingly shallow outward appearance of working out, movement creates a sense of forward momentum and control in your life. It shows you how you strong you are –  physically and mentally. It teaches you to overcome, stay committed, and achieve what you didn’t think was possible. Not just in the gym, but in every area of life.

Fitness is one place where you see the results of what you put in almost immediately. You don’t always have to wait months or years like some financial, business, emotional, or mental endeavors. It teaches and enables you to push past obstacles. In the process of transforming your body, you transform your mindset and inner being.

So, if you feel a little stuck in life, give consistent workouts a try if you need a healthy sense of progress!

This is what comes to mind when people tell me they want to workout or feel better but lack the motivation. I always encourage making that first move regardless of how you feel, because I know what you’re missing out on. The empowering results have the potential to change your body, but also to renew your mind and your life.

Need help with this? That’s what I’m here for! As a fitness coach, I can help be that extra source of motivation and accountability to help you get going and stick with it. Contact me for a fitness assessment!

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

Comment below…have you seen fitness change your outlook on life?

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